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TKDG 003: Sorcery 101, Part 1

Translated by Star'sWish
To Be Edited by Caz

Ah Dai was aggrieved, "You... you didn't ask me to go out! Didn't you say that I have to listen to everything you say?"

Gelidi turned around and walked back into the room. He let out a long breath and opened the windows to let some fresh air in to lessen the stinky smell in the room. He honestly felt that he has been defeated by this foolish boy, taking another deep breath of the fresh air, he said in the direction of the toilet, "Wipe your butt and come out."

After putting his clothes back on, Ah Dai walked out of the toilet, he suddenly felt like a new person, his body felt unimaginably fresh, as if he had just gotten rid of an extremely heavy burden. His whole body felt light, even his muddy mind felt clearer, his whole body filled with energy. "Teacher, what did you let me eat just now?"

Gelisi impatiently said, "Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill."

"Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill? What is that?"

"Don't ask so much, sit down." Gelisi pointed at the bench on a side. "I would like to ask you a few questions, after that I'll take you to get some food."

At the mention of food Ah Dai was suddenly filled with excitement, he obediently sat down on the bench to wait for Gelisi's questioning.

"Ah Dai, do you have any other name? Are you of the Sunset People or the Prosperous People?"

Ah Dai shook his head, "No, I do not have any other name. What is Sunset people and Prosperous People?"

Gelisi explained, "Sunset and Prosperous are two other Empires on the Continent, looking at your dark hair and dark eyes, you are likely to be a descent of one of the two countries."

"Ok, I do not know which people I am. Sunset and Prosperous, these two empires, I think I have heard of them, but I don't have much of an impression anymore."

Gelisi once again sat down on the bed, eyeing Ah Dai whose face was now rosier, "Do you know your parents?"

Ah Dai was at a loss, "I only remember being on the streets and asking for food, keep asking for food. One day Uncle Li came and told me that he would give me food, so I followed him."

"Then how old are you?"

Ah Dai thought about it, "Twelve, oh, no, probably thirteen." He really wasn't too sure about his age, the kids Uncle Li kept that were around his height were all roughly twelve or thirteen, that's why he felt that he should be around that age.

Twelve, thirteen, yes, this is quite appropriate, Gelisi continued asking, "Do you know the year and month you were born?" At that, he regretted it, the silly boy in front of him didn't even know how old he was, how would he know his birth day and month.

However, contrary to expectations, Ah Dai smoothly replied, "The 21st day of the 3rd month, Year 977 of the Holy Calendar." After finishing, even he was shocked by his own reply.

A cold glimmer flashed in Gelisi's eyes, "Didn't you say you don't know how old you are? How could you respond?"

 Ah Dai stuttered, "I... I don't know either, it's just that I suddenly thought of this date, and said it."

Gelisi frowned, silently thinking, now it's the 4th Month, Year 988 of the Holy Calendar, that means that Ah Dai should be 11 years old. However, Ah Dai's actions just now felt odd, he coldly said, "Boy, don't play with me."

Ah Dai curled in upon himself, "No... I wouldn't!"

"Come here," Gelisi waved Ah Dai over.

Ah Dai unwillingly walked to face Gelisi. Gelisi placed a hand on Ah Dai's shoulders, and quietly chanted a few words, a rush of warmth spread from Ah Dai's shoulders to fill his body. Initially, it felt quite comfortable, but after a while, the flow of heat got stronger and stronger and started to become unbearable. Ah Dai thought of struggling, but he found that he couldn't control his own body, the extremely hot flow of heat that seemed to be able to melt his insides continued to flow around in his body. Ah Dai's boned started to creak, and a sharp pain caused him to cry out.

"Ahhhhhhh.... Teacher, I can't take it anymore, spare me please, it hurts, it hurts!"

Gelisi frowned and raised a hand, a green light enfolded Ah Dai, cutting off the sounds he was making.

After a long while, after Ah Dai's body went a little limp, Gelisi finally loosened his hold and let out a long breath, saying to himself, "I didn't think that this silly boy would have such great bone foundations, suitable to be trained in both sorcery and alchemy. Not a waste of my Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill, this is even better, when that time comes..." At that, he suddenly stopped and carefully looked at Ah Dai. Shaking his head, Gelisi said, "Sadly, his head seems to have gone through some serious damage, even the effects of the Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill don't seem to be able to clear up the dark energy that accumulated. However, it's still good that it won't affect my experiment."

The hot flow finally receded, Ah Dai felt weak and fell to the ground, he didn't know why Gelisi would treat him like this, tears involuntarily fell down his cheeks.

Gelisi hauled Ah Dai up with one hand, coldly saying, "No crying, I was trying to see if you have the capabilities to help me, do you understand? It's not beating you. Water that is gentle, gather in my hands, nourish the life before my eyes." A blue light emanated from Gelisi's hands, trickling into Ah Dai's body like a small stream. This was the most basic healing arts of the water class, Gelisi rarely used it, but in order to make sure that Ah Dai would have no dark memories, he couldn't not help him recover his strength.

Ah Dai could feel a fresh, cool sensation that felt like water flow from Gelisi's hands. Slowly, his strength started returning to him and the pain caused by the heat completely disappeared. He couldn't help but believe what Gelisi just said.

Gelisi placed Ah Dai on the bench and turned around. With his back facing Ah Dai, he said, "You must remember, only the strong can live better, the weak will only be bullied by others. Tears cannot solve problems."

Ah Dai felt as if he has heard Gelisi's words somewhere before, it unexpectedly caused an echo of a thought in his mind. He wiped the tear streaks from his face, and timidly said, "Yes Teacher, I understand."

Gelisi nodded, "Good, then tell me, what do you like to eat most? What do you want to do most?"

Ah Dai honestly replied, "I love eating mantou the most, and... and chicken drumsticks. What I want to do most? I.... I don't know either."

Gelisi scolded in his heart, truly such a silly boy, but this is also good, it is better for his own future plans. "Okay then, from now on, you will keep following me, I guarantee that you will be able to be full everyday. If you leave on your own, remember the table that day? That will be your end."

Gelisi's threat didn't seem to work on Ah Dai, he blankly replied, "As long as you allow me to eat till I am full, why would I run away? But... but?"

"But what?" Gelisi abruptly turned around.

Ah Dai looked at Gelisi's aged appearance, and mumbled, "But... if you die, what would I eat?" He clearly remembered that Ya Tou once said that her grandma died of old age, after her grandma die, then only did Ya Tou end up asking for food in the streets.

At Ah Dai's words, Gelisi started shaking from anger, he raised his hand a few times, but ended up lowering it each time. At the thought of his grand plans, he decided, tolerate! He unhappily replied, "Don't worry, even if you die, I won't die. Let's go, I'll take you to to get some food."

"Okay! Teacher, you are really so great!"

"Humph! How can you understand my greatness?"

Two days later, after Gelisi felt that Ah Dai's body was much better, they left Ninuo City. Today's weather was abnormally sunny, seemingly indicating that Ah Dai would be entering a new phase in life.

"Teacher, can I come back again next time?" Ah Dai gazed at the town behind him, a town that he lived in for more than 10 years.

Gelise looked at Ah Dai, "Perhaps, if you have the chance next time. Why? Are you concerned about anything else?"

Ah Dai shook his head, "No, nothing." This was the first time he lied to Gelisi, actually, he was thinking in his heart, Ya Tou will come to look for him in the future. However, he didn't voice it. Although Gelisi treated him well these few days, allowing him to eat till he was full each meal, even letting him try delicious food he never had the chance to taste last time, but Ah Dai vaguely felt that compared to Uncle Li, this Teacher Gelisi seemed more dangerous.

Gelisi didn't bother too much about what Ah Dai said, leading him forward.

After walking for more than an hour, they reached the port not far from Ninuo City. Ah Dai had been there a few times, he likes the ocean, the feel of something unfolding on a grand scale. Gazing at the horizon, listening to the sound of the waves lapping on the reefs, Ah Dai couldn't help but stand still.

"Hurry up, we must catch this ship." Gelisi turned around to tell Ah Dai who was staring at the sea.

Ah Dai was stunned, "Ship? Teacher, are you saying we are taking a ship?" His voiced sounded a little excited, who know how many times have he imagined himself being a fisherfolk, sitting in a wooden boat, floating on the ocean, that feeling is one that Ah Dai looked forward to.

"Yes, we are going to Valian Province, a ship is much faster." Gelisi lightly replied.

"That's amazing, that's great, I am about to go on a ship!" Ah Dai excitedly jumped around.

Gelisi frowned, "Keep calm, if you want to go on a ship, walk faster."

The two of them quickly walked to the harbor, when Ah Dai saw the enormous passenger ship that was more than 100 meters long and 20 meters wide, his jaw dropped, dazedly saying, "This... this is the ship we will be taking? It's huge!" Those fishermen boats were nothing compared to the large white ship in front of him.

Gelisi humphed, "Is it large? I still think it's small, time to get onto the ship."


Valian Province : actual pronunciation - Waliang

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