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TKDG 002: The Alchemist, Part 3

Translated by Star'sWish
To Be Edited by Caz

The middle aged man wanted to get closer to Gelisi, but seeing his demeanor that was portraying otherwise, the man gave up. He simply left the tea cup on the small table and walked back to his counter.

After a whole hour, the doors to the baths finally opened. Gelisi raised his head to take a look and even he was shocked. The dirty little beggar was gone, in its place was a very clean little boy, his mid-length hair over his shoulders. Although he was thin, his skin was very fair, he looked normal and gave out an honest feel. If it weren't for his dark hair and dark eyes, he could have easily been mistaken for a Heaven's Gold people. His gestures did not hold any traces of the commonplace people, and even his eyes did not shift like that of a thief's, however, he still looked slow. Gelisi could only recognize the apprentice he took in from his slow looks.

Ah Dai uncomfortably fidgeted with the clothes he was wearing, although the grey cloth was not very good, but it was clean and fresh, and the outer layer cotton jacket was very warm. When he looked in the mirror after his bath, even he could not recognize that the naive little boy in the mirror was himself.

"Sir, are you satisfied?" the middle aged man smiled and asked Gelisi.

Gelisi nodded, saying to Ah Dai, "Let's go."

Ah Dai nodded and quickly followed Gelisi, the both of them walking out the bathroom.

Watching them leave, one of the back scrubbers said, "Leader, it was really scary, that kid had a few pounds of mud on him, I have never felt so much satisfaction from scrubbing, each scrub scrubbed out a roll of mud, feels good, it really feels so good."

The other bath scrubber agreed, "Yeah, it really does feel good, it's too bad that the smell was lacking."

The middled aged man was not in the mood, "The both of you like scrubbing so much, go find beggars to scrub! None of them will have less mud." As he was saying that, he was playing with the amethyst coin in his hand, he was immensely happy in his heart, with the extra income today, he'll be able to have some fun tonight.

Gelisi brought Ah Dai back to his room, he was staying in a standard room that came with two beds, the reason he took Ah Dai to take a bath first was because he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to stand the smell emanating from Ah Dai. The luxurious setting in the room caused Ah Dai to just stonily stand outside the door, confusedly asking himself, I can really go in? "Come in." Gelisi's voice answered his unasked question.

"Gululu..." The moment he stepped into the room, Ah Dai's stomach growled. Gelisi turned around to look at him, took off his cloak, and asked, "Are you hungry?"

Ah Dai finally had a clear look at Gelisi, he was the same him, very skinny, but Gelisi had a big frame, enough to support his clothes, a head of white hair, and deep wrinkles showed that he was not young, those dark blue and deep eyes cause Ah Dai to feel a little scared.

"Answer my question." Gelisi immediately said.

"Yes, I am hungry. I only ate a mantou today." Ah Dai stood next to the wall, carefully answering.

Gelisi took off his shoes and semi leaned against the bed, taking out a pill. After a slight hesitation, he threw it to Ah Dai, "Eat it."

"Ok..." Ah Dai answered, putting the pill into his mouth. He didn't understand, what could this white little ball do? The pill barely entered his mouth before the back of his head was smacked by Gelisi, he cried out in pain and spat the pill out. Ah Dai rubbed his hurting head, "Teacher, what's wrong?"

Gelisi was quickly defeated by this foolish apprentice, once again, he handed over the pill, "Peel off the wax coat before eating, you have never had medicine?"

Ah Dai looked at the round pill, not daring to take it, "Teacher, I... I have really never eaten it before, what is a wax coat?"

Gelisi sighed, peeled off the wax coat, and took out a red pill, a fragrant smell instantly filled the room. He held Ah Dai's jaw with one hand, and with the other, he stuffed the pill into Ah Dai's mouth.

In the moment Ah Dai was stunned, the pill had already melted and slipped down his throat, wherever it touched, it brought with it a cool, refreshing feel.

"Go to the toilet, take off your pants, and squat. The door to the left of the main door is the toilet, go quickly." Gelisi was forced to explain clearly, otherwise, the silly boy in front of him might poop with his pants on, he didn't want to be troubled.

Although Ah Dai didn't know why his teacher wanted him to go squat in the toilet, he still obediently went.

In a moment, sounds like fireworks could be heard from the toilet together with Ah Dai's comfortable moans. The pill Gelisi gave Ah Dai was the Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill that he specially made. To make the pill, he spent more than 10 years collecting over a hundred precious herbs, used a special method, after nine steamings and nine dryings, finally using high heat to complete it, at that time a single crucible could only produce five pills, he ate one, and sold another three for 1,000 diamond coins each to the imperial family, the remainder, was the one he gave to Ah Dai. The main purpose of the Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill is to remove the impurities in the body, clear the nerves, and increase one's lifespan. It is a pill every martial arts practitioner dream of.

Gelisi quietly sighed, his last Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill has been given to Ah Dai, he can't regret it anymore, Ah Dai's body will be refined by the pill, after take care of it for a while, Ah Dai will be able to reach the level of his expectations, as long as everything else is ready and complete, he will definitely be able to fulfill his dreams. From now on, this child is his treasure, no matter what he must bring him along.

After a long time, sounds finally stopped coming from the toilet, however, after half a day, Ah Dai still didn't come out. Gelisi was surprised, could it be that this child's body was too weak to withstand the effects of the medication? This is bad, if he dies, it would be a waste of the only Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill left, where is he going to find another treasure that can refine the body! At that thought, Gelisi quickly walked towards the toilet door and violently pushed it open. A strong disgusting smell hit him in the face, Gelisi immediately pinched his nose, deeply frowning.

Ah Dai was stonily squatting there, seeing his teacher suddenly storming in, he didn't know what to do.

Gelisi saw that Ah Dai was fine, and couldn't help but let out a breath of relief, slightly angrily saying, "Are you done?"

Ah Dai nodded, "I'm done."

"Then why aren't you coming out, you want to keep staying in here?!" It has been a long time since someone could make Gelisi angry, because all those who made him angry has turned into ashes, however, he could do nothing about the child in front of him.


 End of Chapter 002

Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill : Nine Transformation/Turns Change Essence/Marrow Pill

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