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TKDG 001: A Frigid Town, Part 5

Translated by Star'sWish
To Be Edited by Caz

The Assassins Guild, with the least members, they are also the most secretive association on the Continent, also called the Assassins Band. Although they don't have many members, all of them are extremely skilled. Through underground networks, they accept assassination jobs and collect very high commissions. Information on the organizational structure of the guild is very strictly guarded, there are only two way to join the guild: One, is to pass an exceedingly difficult test. Two, is to complete the challenge set by the guild yearly, as long as they can complete the mission, the guild will accept them. Of course, the mission is much harder than the test, and it might even endanger your life. Because humans scheme and fight for power, this guild that people generally would pale at the mention of, thrives on the Continent.

There is a very clear ranking system for the assassins, in ascending order, Assassins, Dark Assassin, Silent Assassin, and the Annihilator. These assassins are centrally managed by the Assassins Guild, their identities are kept secret, and cannot be known by outsiders. They are not part of any country, nor do they have more than 100 members, however, they are a considerably formidable power. There are scarcely any sorcerers within the guild.

Thieves Guild, plainly speaking, they are a group of high class thieves. To get what they want, some aristocrats will hire the guild's thieves to steal for them. Not just any thief can join the guild, although the requirements are not as strict as the Assassins Guild, but they must also pass a series of stringent tests, and they only accept thieves with inner qualities and skills that are exceptional.

In ascending order, the rankings are, Thief, High Thief, and the Acquirer. Generally, those who hold the esteemed titled of the Acquirer often steal treasures that are worth cities, they are also most feared by the aristocrats. The strictest law in the Thieves Guild, is that they aren't allowed to murder. It is also because of this rule that they aren't being eliminated by the armies of each country. In order to complete their client's request, the Thieves Guild has the fastest and most effective information network. Similar to the Assassins Guild, the Thieves Guild is considered a dark power on the Continent.


Taking out the heavy purse, Ah Dai was filled with happiness. The purse was intricately made of leather, and there was a six-point star sewn onto it in gold thread. Ah Dai had never seen such a beautiful purse before, he hurriedly opened the drawstring, and put his hand in. He was imagining, what if there was an amethyst coin inside, how amazing would it be! He has been working for a year, but to date he has only stolen one amethyst coin, but reminiscing that time, Uncle Li was so happy he gave him a large drumstick, he was the envy of the group. Never again has he eaten such something so tasty. That one time, he shared the thigh with Ya Tou, they even ate the bones. That tastiness, he never gets tired of reminiscing that taste.

As he took out the coins in the purse, he was shocked into stillness. The purse didn't only contain his long-time dream of "drumsticks", it also had more than 10 gold coins , and even a few coins that were brightly sparking, he had never seen those blueish coins before. Looking at the small sparkling pile, it's more than 10 "drumsticks"! "It's enough to feel full, I can finally eat till I am full." Ah Dai ecstatically shouted .

Just as he was overjoyed, the six-point star suddenly glowed, soon after, a raspy old voice sounded in his ears, "You have never been full before?"

Ah Dai jolted, the coins in his hands scattering all over the floor, a voice, where did the voice come from? He looked around him, but there weren't anyone around, "God bless, god bless," Ah Dai placed his palms together and repeated nonstop.

"Did you think that God will protect a thief?' the old voice sounded again. This time Ah Dai clearly heard it, the voice seemed to be coming from that intricate purse.

"Ah---" Ah Dai cried out in alarm, throwing the purse away, his whole body involuntarily shaking. It was his first time encountering such a strange situation, after all he was still a child, the fear clearing showing in his eyes. The snowflakes continued falling, the sky still dim, at that moment, it seemed as though the cotton jacket could no longer provide any warmth, a cold stream rose from the bottom of his heart.

Not too far away, the purse was glowing, that beautiful six-point star giving off a dreamy golden light. Under Ah Dai's terrified gaze, the golden light condense, a blurry figure appearing above the purse. The image slowly got clearer, it was that of the cloaked old man.

A deep strange sound was emitting from underneath the cloak, if Uncle Li was here, he would have noticed that the old man was chanting an incantation. Finally, the figure solidified into a real body, and slowly descended to the ground.

The old man stood by the purse, slowly bent down to pick it up, and sighed, "It has been a long time since I have used this incantation, it has become quite unfamiliar!"

Looking at his fishing target appearing in such a strange situation, even if Ah Dai were sillier, he would still know that something very bad was about to befall him. He never imagined, that he who had yet to fail in four months, under circumstances where he succeeded in catching a large fish, would actually get caught by the owner himself. He curled up into himself, shaking, in his mind, the great catastrophe about to befall him, must be a cruel "beating", this is not the first time this has happened. The last time he was caught, the big man almost broke his hand, if Uncle Li didn't appear in time to scare away the man, he would have lots the ability to fish, and be unable to eat the mantous he so loved.

The old man threw the purse at Ah Dai, lightly saying, "Pick them up and put them in."

"Yes, yes." Ah Dai carefully took the purse, and closely looked at the six-point star on the purse. He couldn't understand how a man could appear from from within the purse? Shakily, he carefully place each coin into the purse, this process went on for a while. The odd thing was, the old man did not hurry him, beneath the cloak, a pair of bright eyes were incessantly measuring Ah Dai.

"Done, done, here, for you." Ah Dai tried his bad to appear lowly, holding the purse up with both hands. Perhaps if he appeared weaker, when he gets beaten later, the other man might use less strength. Ah Dai never thought of fighting back, based on his "weather-beaten" body that has experienced the hardships of life, how could he fight back? Even if the opponent was an old man.

The old man received the purse, he didn't beat him, but he also had no intention of letting Ah Dai go. He stood in from of Ah Dai, looking at the small skinny figure of the child before him.

Ah Dai lowered his head and crouched down, his frozen red hands protecting his head, trying his best to curl up, waiting for the arrival of the storm.

"En, very good hands, long slender fingers, wide palms, no wonder even I didn't notice my things being stolen. You haven't answered my last question, have you?"


 End of Chapter 001

Assassin: stabber/assassin

Dark Assassin: dark/hidden type assassin

Silent Assassin: tolerance/patience, ninja type assassin

Annihilator: wipe-out/exterminate type assassin

Assassin Group vs Assassin Band?

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