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TKDG 002: The Alchemist, Part 1

Translated by Star'sWish
To Be Edited by Caz

Ah Dai was brought up short by the question and unconsciously looked up to see the old man's face that was full of fine wrinkles. The old man's face was expressionless, staring at him. "Wha... What question?"

The old man frowned slightly, thinking, turns out to be a silly child, slightly silly is also good, isn't it just right. "I asked you just now, you have never been full?"

Ah Dai nodded, feeling that this old man didn't seem to have any intention of beating him, with that his became more courageous, "Yes, it's true, I know you must be very angry, if you aren't going to beat me, could you please let me go..." Although he failed at catching the fish this time, but the day was still long, Ah Dai felt that he still had a chance at completing the task. He has never been discouraged by a failure, for his beloved mantou, he must continue to work hard and do his part.

This produced a slight change in the old man, "Did I say I wouldn't beat you? You stole my purse, beating you seems like a normal thing to do."

Ah Dai's recently relaxed expression immediately took on a crestfallen look, returning to the position with his hands protecting his head, "Then... then can you please don't hit my hands."

The old man was slightly suprised, "Why?"

Ah Dai quietly said, "Because, because I still need to go catch fishes, if my hands are spoilt, I wouldn't be able to to do so, if I can't do so, I won't have mantous to eat, and I'll even get beaten by Uncle Li."

"Catch fishes? Uncle Li?" The old man was slightly stunned, and immediately understood the meaning behind catching fishes, and that Uncle Li was the one behind this silly little thief. He was amused, a thief being caught and asking that his hands not be beaten, the little silly boy must be quite silly indeed!

"Beating you is light punishment, based on my position, even if I killed you, no one will trouble me, do you believe me?"

Ah Dai stiffened, "Kill me? Kill me, wouldn't I be dead? How does it feel like, can you please tell me first? Is being killed painful, there are no mantous to be had after death are there?"

The old man felt that speaking with this silly boy seemed to make him more cheerful. However, he couldn't never have imagined that this little boy in front of him who is now asking how it would feel like to die, 10 years later, would become the an entity that will shake the foundations of the world -- "Death God", a person who brings deaths upon others.

"Do you want to eat till you are full?" The old man decided not to dawdle and immediately got to the main point.

At the mention of eating, Ah Dai immediately perked up, the mantou he ate in the morning has been digested by the frigid weather, his stomach growled. He raised is head and looked with hope at the old man, "Yes! The thing I wish for the most is to be full. Why don't... why don't you give me one of those purple colored coins, just one would be enough." The though of a chicken drumstick caused Ah Dai to salivate.

"I won't give you the money, however, if you want to be full, then leave with me, I'll let you eat till you are full, additionally, I won't beat you."

Ah Dai lit up immediately, this morning he was dreaming of being taken away like Ya Tou, and his dream is coming true, he carefully asked, "Really, I can really eat till I am full?

The old man nodded, "If you have any other requests you can also tell me, I will try my best to fulfill them. However, you won't be coming back for a very long time, you must think clearly." He didn't want to bring a kid back that would cry everyday, when that time comes, he would kill him and find another kid.

Ah Dai shook his head, "I am willing to leave with you, as long as I can be full, I don't have any other requests."

The old man nodded his head in satisfaction, "You will have to work if you leave with me, are you afraid of hard work?"

"Work? What work?" Ah Dai mumbled.

"As long as it's better than you being a thief, at the very least I won't beat you, no? If you don't understand, I can teach you."

Ah Dai lowered his head, "But... but, I'm really slow, they all say that I am dumb, would I be able to learn?"

The old man impatiently replied, "If I say you can learn, you can learn. Come with me." He turned around and walked towards the exit of the alley.

Ah Dai made a sound of agreement and quickly followed the old man out. A few steps later, the old man suddenly stopped. Ah Dai wasn't paying attention and bumped into his back, "Ouch!" Ah Dai cried out in pain, holding his nose, looking at the old man with incomprehension.

The old man turned his head to ask, "What is your name?"

"I'm called Ah Dai."

The old man teased, "Ah Dai? Your name suits you! Remember, I am Gelisi, an alchemist. From now on, you are my apprentice."

Ah Dai nodded, afraid that he would forget, he chanted, "Die in song, die in song, ...."
TLN: Die in song -- is pronounced Ge Li Si too.

The old man raised his voice, "I am called Gelisi, not die in song, remember it well. Call me Teacher next time."

"Ok, ok, I understand, tea..teacher. But, what is the meaning of teacher?"

Gelisi felt that he has been defeated by this little boy, helplessly explaining, "Teacher, is the person who teaches you things." At that, he turned around and walked out of the alley. Gelisi, this is a name that even the head of the Alchemist Alliance respected, after all, even though he was temperamental, he is still one of the rare Grand Alchemists.

Ah Dai suddenly remembered Uncle Li's reaction after Ya Tou left, he hurriedly caught up with Gelisi, "Teacher, can you please go with me to tell Uncle Li. He has given me mantous all this time, I am leaving, I should say goodbye, otherwise, he will get mad."

Gelisi though about it an nodded, "Sure, lead the way." He initially didn't have to go with Ah Dai, but for his plans, he must make it so that Ah Dai unwaveringly follows him, that was the only reason he agreed to the silly boy's plans.

Ah Dai lead the way ahead, after seven or eight turns, they arrived at the northern part of the city, that worn down house that he has been staying in for more than a year. At this time, most of the kids have been sent out to work by Uncle Li, it wasn't noisy. Gelisi frowned, "This is the place?"

Ah Dai nodded, carefully opening the flimsy door and walking in first.

Uncle Li was drinking from a wine pot in the room, since Ah Dai's skills have improved drastically, his income also increased, he no longer needed to go out to work, and he was just thinking, in a few year, after collecting more money, he will be able to live a comfortable life, maybe bring a woman back to marry, live a good life like a master, don't need to go to that lowly brothel for release. Just as he was drunkenly daydreaming, the door opened, and Ah Dai's skinny figure appeared.

"En? How are you back so quickly, how many fishes did you catch?"

Ah Dai was slightly scared, "Uncle Li, I.. I didn't catch any fishes."

Hearing that Ah Dai didn't accomplish anything, Uncle Li's voice became sharp, his eyes bulging, "No fish? Why are you back if you haven't caught anything? Is your skin tight again?"

Ah Dai shivered, slowly saying, "I... I came back to say goodbye."

Uncle Li was shocked, and jumped down from the bed, "You want to leave? You have eaten my dry rice for such a long time, you want to leave like this, your wings hardened? Is that it?" How could he willingly part with his money tree? He didn't care too much about Ya Tou leaving, even if she stayed, she would have been a waste of money since she can't catch fishes, even sold to the slave trader, she wouldn't have been worth much. But Ah Dai is different, currently more than half his income comes from Ah Dai, he would never let his money tree leave.

Uncle Li tried his best to lower his voice and soften his tone, "Are you hungry again, I'll give you a few mantous, then be good and go catch me some fishes, don't have wrong thoughts, otherwise, humph." He waved his fists, threateningly looking at Ah Dai.

Long periods of threats caused Ah Dai to unconsciously shrink back, getting to eat a mantou, it is also a good thing! He was just wondering what to say when Gelisi's voice rang out, "Otherwise what can you do to him?" Following the sound of footsteps, Gelisi's tall figure appeared next to Ah Dai, in front of him, Uncle Li seemed so indecent and insignificant.

"Who... who are you?" Uncle Li sharply looked at him and asked.

Gelisi lightly said, "You don't need to care who I am, Ah Dai and I are here only to say goodbye, I am taking him away, from today onwards, he is not a thief under you."

Uncle Li felt a sudden chill in his heart, this man whose face is unseen seems to exert an invisible pressure, making it difficult for him to breath. However, profit is the most important, he gathered his courage, "Not possible, you can't take him away, no wonder he wants to leave me, turns out he found a support. Damn it I am going to beat you to death" His fist flew towards Ah Dai's chest.

Ah Dai subconsciously curled up, waiting for the incoming pain, however, after half a day nothing happened. Ah Dai opened his eyes and found that Uncle Li's fists didn't fall on him, instead it was suspended in midair, caught at the wrist by thin hand. Cold sweat streamed down Ah Dai's temples.


Gelisi : actually Ge Li Si, was wondering if I should call him Chris/Griss

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