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TKDG 002: The Alchemist, Part 2

Translated by Star'sWish
To Be Edited by Caz

"I have said it, he is now my apprentice, you don't have the right to hit him." Gelisi smoothly threw Uncle Li to the side, he was not like the typical alchemists with weak bodies, although he doesn't know any martial arts, but people like Uncle Li didn't even exist to him.

Uncle Li held his wrist, scolding, "You... you bastard, are you trying to steal my person?

Gelisi laughed coldly, "Wastes like you should have already been punished by God, stop bothering us, or I will send you to hell." He held out his right hand, the hand that was holding Uncle Li just now, and a few strange sentences of an incantation that could not be heard clearly came from under the cloak. Black flames suddenly appeared within Gelisi's palm, emitting a devilish glow. Gelisi threw the fire, and the black flames changed into a string of fire that fell onto the only three-legged wooden table in the corner of the room. Without a sound, without signs of burning, that table vanished into thin air without even leaving a trace of ash, the air only held slightly remnants of a bad smell.

Ah Dai and Uncle Li were stunned, Ah Dai asking, "Teacher, are you doing magic tricks? How did the table disappear?"

Gelisi glanced a him, "This isn't a magic trick, it's called sorcery." If the person who witnessed the scene just now was any Intermediate Sorcerer or above, he would have been shocked to notice that the flame that Gelisi used was formed from a mixture of Dark Magic and Fire Magic.

Uncle Li's teeth were chattering, "You... you are a sorcerer. Sir Sorcerer, don't... don't kill me." He clearly knew that being a small person like himself, if the man before him wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as squishing an ant, no one would care about the life and death of a petty thief. Furthermore, apart from the Holy Church and the United Regions Commonwealth, no matter which country it is, as long as the ones killed aren't aristocrats, alchemists have a set right to be pardoned. No one is willing to offend them.

Gelisi turned and said to Ah Dai, "We have said what we need to, let's go."

Ah Dai took a look at Uncle Li, Uncle Li was extremely pale, sitting there without a sound. After all, compared to money, it seems that life is still more important.

"Uncle... Uncle Li, I'll be leaving." With that, Ah Dai quickly ran out, as he ran through the door, he could feel his body relaxing, just now when Gelisi tossed Uncle Li to the side, deep in his heart, happiness blossomed. Between Uncle Li and mantous, mantous are more important. Gelisi also said that he wouldn't beat him. No one willingly gets beaten, it is after all difficult to tolerate a situation where one's whole body is in pain. To be with a something-chemist, is still more preferable than being with Uncle Li.

Actually, Ah Dai himself didn't notice that the main reason he chose to be with Gelisi is because of Ya Tou's advice before she left.

Gelisi wasn't walking quickly so Ah Dai easily caught up. Although the sky was filled with dark clouds as usual, but Ah Dai appeared much happier, "Teacher, where are we going?"

Gelisi stopped for a moment, "Don't ask so much, just follow me."

The cold voice surprised Ah Dai, being trained into submission over a long period of time, he didn't even think about resisting, "Oh, sorry."

Gelisi turned back and continued walking, very satisfied in his heart. Although this child is slightly slow, but he is very obedient, in a year, he can probably complete that thing, it has been his dream for many years! At that thought, Gelisi's couldn't help but let out a smile that could make people shiver without feeling cold. If Ah Dai saw that smile, it might shake his will to leave. However, he didn't see it, it was also exactly because he left Ninuo with Gelisi, that his extraordinary life could begin.

After walking for a while, Gelisi brought Ah Dai to an inn that was as grand as a palace, he held his head high as he walked in, the two doorboys on each side hurrying to open the large doors, respectfully welcoming him.

Ah Dai looked at the gold plated large doors before him, and couldn't help but gulp down his saliva, he was familiar with this place, because to catch fishes, he has crouched here a few times before. Uncle Li once told him that this was the largest inn in Ninou City, called the Grand Kailun Hotel. Teacher is staying here? He unconsciously followed him.

"Leave, leave, leave, where did this beggar come from, hurry up and scram." The tall doorboy stopped Ah Dai in his path, chasing him away as if he was a fly. Ah Dai jumped in shock, immediately acquiescing. He walked towards the side, after a few steps, he stopped, thinking, "This is not right, I followed Teacher here. Teacher went in, then I should follow him in too." He then walked back to the door, politely saying, "I followed my Teacher here, could you please let me in?"

The doorboy dusted his uniform, and looked at Ah Dai who was dirty, a strong revulsion apparent in his expression. He then disdainfully said, "Who is your Teacher, scram further way, don't dirty our floor, a stinking beggar who wants to enter our hotel, why don't you take a look at your own morals and actions."

Ah Dai started becoming anxious, although he was slightly slow, but he knew that he can't turn back now. He definitely can't go back to Uncle Li, he can only eat his beloved mantou by following Gelisi. "Let.. let me go in please, I want to look for my Teacher." He tried asking one more time, worry filling his eyes.

The doorboy was unwilling to continue talking to the little beggar in front of him, and viciously walked towards Ah Dai, "Damn it, you don't want face when you are given face huh, let the grand me move my hands." His fist swiftly swung towards Ah Dai, he has seen many beggars, within Heaven's Gold Empire, there were many beggars like this, even if he beat a few to death, no one will trouble him.

"Slow down, he is here with me." Gelisi's voice rang out at the critical moment. Actually, when he entered the hotel just now, he knew that Ah Dai would not be let in easily. However, in order to cause Ah Dai to serve him unwaveringly, Gelisi didn't appear until now. Finally, when the doorboy decided to take action, only then did he stop it in time.

The doorboy was shocked, and immediately put down his swinging arm, confusedly asking, "Sir, he is really here with you?"

Gelisi lightly nodded, beneath his cloak, his cold eyes sparkled. The doorboy shivered, immediately saying, "Sorry sir, I was too clumsy, please." The doorboy has experience in the world and naturally knew that the alchemist before him was someone he could not offend, he quickly apologized, and politely gestured for Ah Dai to enter.

Ah Dai quickly walked forward to face Gelisi, "Sorry, Teacher, I... I..."

"Let's go." Gelisi has seen what he wanted to see in Ah Dai's eyes. He lead the way forward, and this time Ah Dai was smarter, he followed Gelisi closely. Many sharp looks were directed at Ah Dai, causing him to feel uncomfortable, he curled his body, lowered his head, quietly looking at Gelisi's feet, following him forward.

Gelisi brought Ah Dai to a large set of doors. He pushed the doors and entered. The air was heavy with steam, a sense of warmth flowed through Ah Dai, causing him to unconsciously exclaim, "So warm!" This was one of the public baths in the Grand Kailun Hotel. At this hour, no guests would be here, usually the guests would only come here to soak at night.

"Sir, how are you, is there anything I can help with?" A middle aged man walked towards them, politely speaking to Gelisi, and discretely measuring Ah Dai with his gaze.

Gelisi took out an amethyst coin from his purse and threw it towards the middle-aged man, "Bring this child to take a bath, get the bath scrubbers to clean him up, then get him a new set of clothes, everything. Keep it simple. Understood? Keep the change."

The middle-aged man was the manager of this bathroom. Although the smell emanating from Ah Dai made him nauseous, but Gelisi's actions caused him to be filled with smiles. It has to be known that his income in a year was only five amethyst coins, and at least half will be leftover from that single amethyst coin after everything was done! "Yes, yes, Sir, please don't worry, we will guarantee your satisfaction. Number three, number four, quickly bring this young master to take a bath," he called out, and two young bath scrubbers ran out.

Ah Dai hid behind Gelisi, warily looking at the two men in front of him. Gelisi said, "Follow them for a bath, my apprentice can't be dirty all over."

Bath? Since he can remember, he has ever done such a thing, he has only seen Uncle Li bathing in the room, and helped him scrub his back, Uncle Li had a comfortable expression on, bathing can't be such a bad thing. At that thought, Ah Dai agreed and followed the two bath scrubbers to take a bath.

The middle-aged man called over another helper and instructed him to buy the clothes, then he personally steeped a pot of fragrant tea and brought a cup over to Gelisi, "Sir, please wait for a while."

Gelisi made a sound of agreement and wordlessly sat down on a large comfortably soft sofa.


Bath scrubbers : worker who massage and scrub backs etc. in the bath

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