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TKDG 003: Sorcery 101, Part 1

Translated by Star'sWish
To Be Edited by Caz

Ah Dai was aggrieved, "You... you didn't ask me to go out! Didn't you say that I have to listen to everything you say?"

Gelidi turned around and walked back into the room. He let out a long breath and opened the windows to let some fresh air in to lessen the stinky smell in the room. He honestly felt that he has been defeated by this foolish boy, taking another deep breath of the fresh air, he said in the direction of the toilet, "Wipe your butt and come out."

After putting his clothes back on, Ah Dai walked out of the toilet, he suddenly felt like a new person, his body felt unimaginably fresh, as if he had just gotten rid of an extremely heavy burden. His whole body felt light, even his muddy mind felt clearer, his whole body filled with energy. "Teacher, what did you let me eat just now?"

Gelisi impatiently said, "Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill."

"Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill? What is that?"

"Don't ask so much, sit down." Gelisi pointed at the bench on a side. "I would like to ask you a few questions, after that I'll take you to get some food."

At the mention of food Ah Dai was suddenly filled with excitement, he obediently sat down on the bench to wait for Gelisi's questioning.

"Ah Dai, do you have any other name? Are you of the Sunset People or the Prosperous People?"

Ah Dai shook his head, "No, I do not have any other name. What is Sunset people and Prosperous People?"

Gelisi explained, "Sunset and Prosperous are two other Empires on the Continent, looking at your dark hair and dark eyes, you are likely to be a descent of one of the two countries."

"Ok, I do not know which people I am. Sunset and Prosperous, these two empires, I think I have heard of them, but I don't have much of an impression anymore."

Gelisi once again sat down on the bed, eyeing Ah Dai whose face was now rosier, "Do you know your parents?"

Ah Dai was at a loss, "I only remember being on the streets and asking for food, keep asking for food. One day Uncle Li came and told me that he would give me food, so I followed him."

"Then how old are you?"

Ah Dai thought about it, "Twelve, oh, no, probably thirteen." He really wasn't too sure about his age, the kids Uncle Li kept that were around his height were all roughly twelve or thirteen, that's why he felt that he should be around that age.

Twelve, thirteen, yes, this is quite appropriate, Gelisi continued asking, "Do you know the year and month you were born?" At that, he regretted it, the silly boy in front of him didn't even know how old he was, how would he know his birth day and month.

However, contrary to expectations, Ah Dai smoothly replied, "The 21st day of the 3rd month, Year 977 of the Holy Calendar." After finishing, even he was shocked by his own reply.

A cold glimmer flashed in Gelisi's eyes, "Didn't you say you don't know how old you are? How could you respond?"

 Ah Dai stuttered, "I... I don't know either, it's just that I suddenly thought of this date, and said it."

Gelisi frowned, silently thinking, now it's the 4th Month, Year 988 of the Holy Calendar, that means that Ah Dai should be 11 years old. However, Ah Dai's actions just now felt odd, he coldly said, "Boy, don't play with me."

Ah Dai curled in upon himself, "No... I wouldn't!"

"Come here," Gelisi waved Ah Dai over.

Ah Dai unwillingly walked to face Gelisi. Gelisi placed a hand on Ah Dai's shoulders, and quietly chanted a few words, a rush of warmth spread from Ah Dai's shoulders to fill his body. Initially, it felt quite comfortable, but after a while, the flow of heat got stronger and stronger and started to become unbearable. Ah Dai thought of struggling, but he found that he couldn't control his own body, the extremely hot flow of heat that seemed to be able to melt his insides continued to flow around in his body. Ah Dai's boned started to creak, and a sharp pain caused him to cry out.

"Ahhhhhhh.... Teacher, I can't take it anymore, spare me please, it hurts, it hurts!"

Gelisi frowned and raised a hand, a green light enfolded Ah Dai, cutting off the sounds he was making.

After a long while, after Ah Dai's body went a little limp, Gelisi finally loosened his hold and let out a long breath, saying to himself, "I didn't think that this silly boy would have such great bone foundations, suitable to be trained in both sorcery and alchemy. Not a waste of my Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill, this is even better, when that time comes..." At that, he suddenly stopped and carefully looked at Ah Dai. Shaking his head, Gelisi said, "Sadly, his head seems to have gone through some serious damage, even the effects of the Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill don't seem to be able to clear up the dark energy that accumulated. However, it's still good that it won't affect my experiment."

The hot flow finally receded, Ah Dai felt weak and fell to the ground, he didn't know why Gelisi would treat him like this, tears involuntarily fell down his cheeks.

Gelisi hauled Ah Dai up with one hand, coldly saying, "No crying, I was trying to see if you have the capabilities to help me, do you understand? It's not beating you. Water that is gentle, gather in my hands, nourish the life before my eyes." A blue light emanated from Gelisi's hands, trickling into Ah Dai's body like a small stream. This was the most basic healing arts of the water class, Gelisi rarely used it, but in order to make sure that Ah Dai would have no dark memories, he couldn't not help him recover his strength.

Ah Dai could feel a fresh, cool sensation that felt like water flow from Gelisi's hands. Slowly, his strength started returning to him and the pain caused by the heat completely disappeared. He couldn't help but believe what Gelisi just said.

Gelisi placed Ah Dai on the bench and turned around. With his back facing Ah Dai, he said, "You must remember, only the strong can live better, the weak will only be bullied by others. Tears cannot solve problems."

Ah Dai felt as if he has heard Gelisi's words somewhere before, it unexpectedly caused an echo of a thought in his mind. He wiped the tear streaks from his face, and timidly said, "Yes Teacher, I understand."

Gelisi nodded, "Good, then tell me, what do you like to eat most? What do you want to do most?"

Ah Dai honestly replied, "I love eating mantou the most, and... and chicken drumsticks. What I want to do most? I.... I don't know either."

Gelisi scolded in his heart, truly such a silly boy, but this is also good, it is better for his own future plans. "Okay then, from now on, you will keep following me, I guarantee that you will be able to be full everyday. If you leave on your own, remember the table that day? That will be your end."

Gelisi's threat didn't seem to work on Ah Dai, he blankly replied, "As long as you allow me to eat till I am full, why would I run away? But... but?"

"But what?" Gelisi abruptly turned around.

Ah Dai looked at Gelisi's aged appearance, and mumbled, "But... if you die, what would I eat?" He clearly remembered that Ya Tou once said that her grandma died of old age, after her grandma die, then only did Ya Tou end up asking for food in the streets.

At Ah Dai's words, Gelisi started shaking from anger, he raised his hand a few times, but ended up lowering it each time. At the thought of his grand plans, he decided, tolerate! He unhappily replied, "Don't worry, even if you die, I won't die. Let's go, I'll take you to to get some food."

"Okay! Teacher, you are really so great!"

"Humph! How can you understand my greatness?"

Two days later, after Gelisi felt that Ah Dai's body was much better, they left Ninuo City. Today's weather was abnormally sunny, seemingly indicating that Ah Dai would be entering a new phase in life.

"Teacher, can I come back again next time?" Ah Dai gazed at the town behind him, a town that he lived in for more than 10 years.

Gelise looked at Ah Dai, "Perhaps, if you have the chance next time. Why? Are you concerned about anything else?"

Ah Dai shook his head, "No, nothing." This was the first time he lied to Gelisi, actually, he was thinking in his heart, Ya Tou will come to look for him in the future. However, he didn't voice it. Although Gelisi treated him well these few days, allowing him to eat till he was full each meal, even letting him try delicious food he never had the chance to taste last time, but Ah Dai vaguely felt that compared to Uncle Li, this Teacher Gelisi seemed more dangerous.

Gelisi didn't bother too much about what Ah Dai said, leading him forward.

After walking for more than an hour, they reached the port not far from Ninuo City. Ah Dai had been there a few times, he likes the ocean, the feel of something unfolding on a grand scale. Gazing at the horizon, listening to the sound of the waves lapping on the reefs, Ah Dai couldn't help but stand still.

"Hurry up, we must catch this ship." Gelisi turned around to tell Ah Dai who was staring at the sea.

Ah Dai was stunned, "Ship? Teacher, are you saying we are taking a ship?" His voiced sounded a little excited, who know how many times have he imagined himself being a fisherfolk, sitting in a wooden boat, floating on the ocean, that feeling is one that Ah Dai looked forward to.

"Yes, we are going to Valian Province, a ship is much faster." Gelisi lightly replied.

"That's amazing, that's great, I am about to go on a ship!" Ah Dai excitedly jumped around.

Gelisi frowned, "Keep calm, if you want to go on a ship, walk faster."

The two of them quickly walked to the harbor, when Ah Dai saw the enormous passenger ship that was more than 100 meters long and 20 meters wide, his jaw dropped, dazedly saying, "This... this is the ship we will be taking? It's huge!" Those fishermen boats were nothing compared to the large white ship in front of him.

Gelisi humphed, "Is it large? I still think it's small, time to get onto the ship."


Valian Province : actual pronunciation - Waliang

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TKDG 002: The Alchemist, Part 3

Translated by Star'sWish
To Be Edited by Caz

The middle aged man wanted to get closer to Gelisi, but seeing his demeanor that was portraying otherwise, the man gave up. He simply left the tea cup on the small table and walked back to his counter.

After a whole hour, the doors to the baths finally opened. Gelisi raised his head to take a look and even he was shocked. The dirty little beggar was gone, in its place was a very clean little boy, his mid-length hair over his shoulders. Although he was thin, his skin was very fair, he looked normal and gave out an honest feel. If it weren't for his dark hair and dark eyes, he could have easily been mistaken for a Heaven's Gold people. His gestures did not hold any traces of the commonplace people, and even his eyes did not shift like that of a thief's, however, he still looked slow. Gelisi could only recognize the apprentice he took in from his slow looks.

Ah Dai uncomfortably fidgeted with the clothes he was wearing, although the grey cloth was not very good, but it was clean and fresh, and the outer layer cotton jacket was very warm. When he looked in the mirror after his bath, even he could not recognize that the naive little boy in the mirror was himself.

"Sir, are you satisfied?" the middle aged man smiled and asked Gelisi.

Gelisi nodded, saying to Ah Dai, "Let's go."

Ah Dai nodded and quickly followed Gelisi, the both of them walking out the bathroom.

Watching them leave, one of the back scrubbers said, "Leader, it was really scary, that kid had a few pounds of mud on him, I have never felt so much satisfaction from scrubbing, each scrub scrubbed out a roll of mud, feels good, it really feels so good."

The other bath scrubber agreed, "Yeah, it really does feel good, it's too bad that the smell was lacking."

The middled aged man was not in the mood, "The both of you like scrubbing so much, go find beggars to scrub! None of them will have less mud." As he was saying that, he was playing with the amethyst coin in his hand, he was immensely happy in his heart, with the extra income today, he'll be able to have some fun tonight.

Gelisi brought Ah Dai back to his room, he was staying in a standard room that came with two beds, the reason he took Ah Dai to take a bath first was because he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to stand the smell emanating from Ah Dai. The luxurious setting in the room caused Ah Dai to just stonily stand outside the door, confusedly asking himself, I can really go in? "Come in." Gelisi's voice answered his unasked question.

"Gululu..." The moment he stepped into the room, Ah Dai's stomach growled. Gelisi turned around to look at him, took off his cloak, and asked, "Are you hungry?"

Ah Dai finally had a clear look at Gelisi, he was the same him, very skinny, but Gelisi had a big frame, enough to support his clothes, a head of white hair, and deep wrinkles showed that he was not young, those dark blue and deep eyes cause Ah Dai to feel a little scared.

"Answer my question." Gelisi immediately said.

"Yes, I am hungry. I only ate a mantou today." Ah Dai stood next to the wall, carefully answering.

Gelisi took off his shoes and semi leaned against the bed, taking out a pill. After a slight hesitation, he threw it to Ah Dai, "Eat it."

"Ok..." Ah Dai answered, putting the pill into his mouth. He didn't understand, what could this white little ball do? The pill barely entered his mouth before the back of his head was smacked by Gelisi, he cried out in pain and spat the pill out. Ah Dai rubbed his hurting head, "Teacher, what's wrong?"

Gelisi was quickly defeated by this foolish apprentice, once again, he handed over the pill, "Peel off the wax coat before eating, you have never had medicine?"

Ah Dai looked at the round pill, not daring to take it, "Teacher, I... I have really never eaten it before, what is a wax coat?"

Gelisi sighed, peeled off the wax coat, and took out a red pill, a fragrant smell instantly filled the room. He held Ah Dai's jaw with one hand, and with the other, he stuffed the pill into Ah Dai's mouth.

In the moment Ah Dai was stunned, the pill had already melted and slipped down his throat, wherever it touched, it brought with it a cool, refreshing feel.

"Go to the toilet, take off your pants, and squat. The door to the left of the main door is the toilet, go quickly." Gelisi was forced to explain clearly, otherwise, the silly boy in front of him might poop with his pants on, he didn't want to be troubled.

Although Ah Dai didn't know why his teacher wanted him to go squat in the toilet, he still obediently went.

In a moment, sounds like fireworks could be heard from the toilet together with Ah Dai's comfortable moans. The pill Gelisi gave Ah Dai was the Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill that he specially made. To make the pill, he spent more than 10 years collecting over a hundred precious herbs, used a special method, after nine steamings and nine dryings, finally using high heat to complete it, at that time a single crucible could only produce five pills, he ate one, and sold another three for 1,000 diamond coins each to the imperial family, the remainder, was the one he gave to Ah Dai. The main purpose of the Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill is to remove the impurities in the body, clear the nerves, and increase one's lifespan. It is a pill every martial arts practitioner dream of.

Gelisi quietly sighed, his last Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill has been given to Ah Dai, he can't regret it anymore, Ah Dai's body will be refined by the pill, after take care of it for a while, Ah Dai will be able to reach the level of his expectations, as long as everything else is ready and complete, he will definitely be able to fulfill his dreams. From now on, this child is his treasure, no matter what he must bring him along.

After a long time, sounds finally stopped coming from the toilet, however, after half a day, Ah Dai still didn't come out. Gelisi was surprised, could it be that this child's body was too weak to withstand the effects of the medication? This is bad, if he dies, it would be a waste of the only Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill left, where is he going to find another treasure that can refine the body! At that thought, Gelisi quickly walked towards the toilet door and violently pushed it open. A strong disgusting smell hit him in the face, Gelisi immediately pinched his nose, deeply frowning.

Ah Dai was stonily squatting there, seeing his teacher suddenly storming in, he didn't know what to do.

Gelisi saw that Ah Dai was fine, and couldn't help but let out a breath of relief, slightly angrily saying, "Are you done?"

Ah Dai nodded, "I'm done."

"Then why aren't you coming out, you want to keep staying in here?!" It has been a long time since someone could make Gelisi angry, because all those who made him angry has turned into ashes, however, he could do nothing about the child in front of him.


 End of Chapter 002

Nine Metamorphosis Essence Pill : Nine Transformation/Turns Change Essence/Marrow Pill

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TKDG 002: The Alchemist, Part 2

Translated by Star'sWish
To Be Edited by Caz

"I have said it, he is now my apprentice, you don't have the right to hit him." Gelisi smoothly threw Uncle Li to the side, he was not like the typical alchemists with weak bodies, although he doesn't know any martial arts, but people like Uncle Li didn't even exist to him.

Uncle Li held his wrist, scolding, "You... you bastard, are you trying to steal my person?

Gelisi laughed coldly, "Wastes like you should have already been punished by God, stop bothering us, or I will send you to hell." He held out his right hand, the hand that was holding Uncle Li just now, and a few strange sentences of an incantation that could not be heard clearly came from under the cloak. Black flames suddenly appeared within Gelisi's palm, emitting a devilish glow. Gelisi threw the fire, and the black flames changed into a string of fire that fell onto the only three-legged wooden table in the corner of the room. Without a sound, without signs of burning, that table vanished into thin air without even leaving a trace of ash, the air only held slightly remnants of a bad smell.

Ah Dai and Uncle Li were stunned, Ah Dai asking, "Teacher, are you doing magic tricks? How did the table disappear?"

Gelisi glanced a him, "This isn't a magic trick, it's called sorcery." If the person who witnessed the scene just now was any Intermediate Sorcerer or above, he would have been shocked to notice that the flame that Gelisi used was formed from a mixture of Dark Magic and Fire Magic.

Uncle Li's teeth were chattering, "You... you are a sorcerer. Sir Sorcerer, don't... don't kill me." He clearly knew that being a small person like himself, if the man before him wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as squishing an ant, no one would care about the life and death of a petty thief. Furthermore, apart from the Holy Church and the United Regions Commonwealth, no matter which country it is, as long as the ones killed aren't aristocrats, alchemists have a set right to be pardoned. No one is willing to offend them.

Gelisi turned and said to Ah Dai, "We have said what we need to, let's go."

Ah Dai took a look at Uncle Li, Uncle Li was extremely pale, sitting there without a sound. After all, compared to money, it seems that life is still more important.

"Uncle... Uncle Li, I'll be leaving." With that, Ah Dai quickly ran out, as he ran through the door, he could feel his body relaxing, just now when Gelisi tossed Uncle Li to the side, deep in his heart, happiness blossomed. Between Uncle Li and mantous, mantous are more important. Gelisi also said that he wouldn't beat him. No one willingly gets beaten, it is after all difficult to tolerate a situation where one's whole body is in pain. To be with a something-chemist, is still more preferable than being with Uncle Li.

Actually, Ah Dai himself didn't notice that the main reason he chose to be with Gelisi is because of Ya Tou's advice before she left.

Gelisi wasn't walking quickly so Ah Dai easily caught up. Although the sky was filled with dark clouds as usual, but Ah Dai appeared much happier, "Teacher, where are we going?"

Gelisi stopped for a moment, "Don't ask so much, just follow me."

The cold voice surprised Ah Dai, being trained into submission over a long period of time, he didn't even think about resisting, "Oh, sorry."

Gelisi turned back and continued walking, very satisfied in his heart. Although this child is slightly slow, but he is very obedient, in a year, he can probably complete that thing, it has been his dream for many years! At that thought, Gelisi's couldn't help but let out a smile that could make people shiver without feeling cold. If Ah Dai saw that smile, it might shake his will to leave. However, he didn't see it, it was also exactly because he left Ninuo with Gelisi, that his extraordinary life could begin.

After walking for a while, Gelisi brought Ah Dai to an inn that was as grand as a palace, he held his head high as he walked in, the two doorboys on each side hurrying to open the large doors, respectfully welcoming him.

Ah Dai looked at the gold plated large doors before him, and couldn't help but gulp down his saliva, he was familiar with this place, because to catch fishes, he has crouched here a few times before. Uncle Li once told him that this was the largest inn in Ninou City, called the Grand Kailun Hotel. Teacher is staying here? He unconsciously followed him.

"Leave, leave, leave, where did this beggar come from, hurry up and scram." The tall doorboy stopped Ah Dai in his path, chasing him away as if he was a fly. Ah Dai jumped in shock, immediately acquiescing. He walked towards the side, after a few steps, he stopped, thinking, "This is not right, I followed Teacher here. Teacher went in, then I should follow him in too." He then walked back to the door, politely saying, "I followed my Teacher here, could you please let me in?"

The doorboy dusted his uniform, and looked at Ah Dai who was dirty, a strong revulsion apparent in his expression. He then disdainfully said, "Who is your Teacher, scram further way, don't dirty our floor, a stinking beggar who wants to enter our hotel, why don't you take a look at your own morals and actions."

Ah Dai started becoming anxious, although he was slightly slow, but he knew that he can't turn back now. He definitely can't go back to Uncle Li, he can only eat his beloved mantou by following Gelisi. "Let.. let me go in please, I want to look for my Teacher." He tried asking one more time, worry filling his eyes.

The doorboy was unwilling to continue talking to the little beggar in front of him, and viciously walked towards Ah Dai, "Damn it, you don't want face when you are given face huh, let the grand me move my hands." His fist swiftly swung towards Ah Dai, he has seen many beggars, within Heaven's Gold Empire, there were many beggars like this, even if he beat a few to death, no one will trouble him.

"Slow down, he is here with me." Gelisi's voice rang out at the critical moment. Actually, when he entered the hotel just now, he knew that Ah Dai would not be let in easily. However, in order to cause Ah Dai to serve him unwaveringly, Gelisi didn't appear until now. Finally, when the doorboy decided to take action, only then did he stop it in time.

The doorboy was shocked, and immediately put down his swinging arm, confusedly asking, "Sir, he is really here with you?"

Gelisi lightly nodded, beneath his cloak, his cold eyes sparkled. The doorboy shivered, immediately saying, "Sorry sir, I was too clumsy, please." The doorboy has experience in the world and naturally knew that the alchemist before him was someone he could not offend, he quickly apologized, and politely gestured for Ah Dai to enter.

Ah Dai quickly walked forward to face Gelisi, "Sorry, Teacher, I... I..."

"Let's go." Gelisi has seen what he wanted to see in Ah Dai's eyes. He lead the way forward, and this time Ah Dai was smarter, he followed Gelisi closely. Many sharp looks were directed at Ah Dai, causing him to feel uncomfortable, he curled his body, lowered his head, quietly looking at Gelisi's feet, following him forward.

Gelisi brought Ah Dai to a large set of doors. He pushed the doors and entered. The air was heavy with steam, a sense of warmth flowed through Ah Dai, causing him to unconsciously exclaim, "So warm!" This was one of the public baths in the Grand Kailun Hotel. At this hour, no guests would be here, usually the guests would only come here to soak at night.

"Sir, how are you, is there anything I can help with?" A middle aged man walked towards them, politely speaking to Gelisi, and discretely measuring Ah Dai with his gaze.

Gelisi took out an amethyst coin from his purse and threw it towards the middle-aged man, "Bring this child to take a bath, get the bath scrubbers to clean him up, then get him a new set of clothes, everything. Keep it simple. Understood? Keep the change."

The middle-aged man was the manager of this bathroom. Although the smell emanating from Ah Dai made him nauseous, but Gelisi's actions caused him to be filled with smiles. It has to be known that his income in a year was only five amethyst coins, and at least half will be leftover from that single amethyst coin after everything was done! "Yes, yes, Sir, please don't worry, we will guarantee your satisfaction. Number three, number four, quickly bring this young master to take a bath," he called out, and two young bath scrubbers ran out.

Ah Dai hid behind Gelisi, warily looking at the two men in front of him. Gelisi said, "Follow them for a bath, my apprentice can't be dirty all over."

Bath? Since he can remember, he has ever done such a thing, he has only seen Uncle Li bathing in the room, and helped him scrub his back, Uncle Li had a comfortable expression on, bathing can't be such a bad thing. At that thought, Ah Dai agreed and followed the two bath scrubbers to take a bath.

The middle-aged man called over another helper and instructed him to buy the clothes, then he personally steeped a pot of fragrant tea and brought a cup over to Gelisi, "Sir, please wait for a while."

Gelisi made a sound of agreement and wordlessly sat down on a large comfortably soft sofa.


Bath scrubbers : worker who massage and scrub backs etc. in the bath

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TKDG 002: The Alchemist, Part 1

Translated by Star'sWish
To Be Edited by Caz

Ah Dai was brought up short by the question and unconsciously looked up to see the old man's face that was full of fine wrinkles. The old man's face was expressionless, staring at him. "Wha... What question?"

The old man frowned slightly, thinking, turns out to be a silly child, slightly silly is also good, isn't it just right. "I asked you just now, you have never been full?"

Ah Dai nodded, feeling that this old man didn't seem to have any intention of beating him, with that his became more courageous, "Yes, it's true, I know you must be very angry, if you aren't going to beat me, could you please let me go..." Although he failed at catching the fish this time, but the day was still long, Ah Dai felt that he still had a chance at completing the task. He has never been discouraged by a failure, for his beloved mantou, he must continue to work hard and do his part.

This produced a slight change in the old man, "Did I say I wouldn't beat you? You stole my purse, beating you seems like a normal thing to do."

Ah Dai's recently relaxed expression immediately took on a crestfallen look, returning to the position with his hands protecting his head, "Then... then can you please don't hit my hands."

The old man was slightly suprised, "Why?"

Ah Dai quietly said, "Because, because I still need to go catch fishes, if my hands are spoilt, I wouldn't be able to to do so, if I can't do so, I won't have mantous to eat, and I'll even get beaten by Uncle Li."

"Catch fishes? Uncle Li?" The old man was slightly stunned, and immediately understood the meaning behind catching fishes, and that Uncle Li was the one behind this silly little thief. He was amused, a thief being caught and asking that his hands not be beaten, the little silly boy must be quite silly indeed!

"Beating you is light punishment, based on my position, even if I killed you, no one will trouble me, do you believe me?"

Ah Dai stiffened, "Kill me? Kill me, wouldn't I be dead? How does it feel like, can you please tell me first? Is being killed painful, there are no mantous to be had after death are there?"

The old man felt that speaking with this silly boy seemed to make him more cheerful. However, he couldn't never have imagined that this little boy in front of him who is now asking how it would feel like to die, 10 years later, would become the an entity that will shake the foundations of the world -- "Death God", a person who brings deaths upon others.

"Do you want to eat till you are full?" The old man decided not to dawdle and immediately got to the main point.

At the mention of eating, Ah Dai immediately perked up, the mantou he ate in the morning has been digested by the frigid weather, his stomach growled. He raised is head and looked with hope at the old man, "Yes! The thing I wish for the most is to be full. Why don't... why don't you give me one of those purple colored coins, just one would be enough." The though of a chicken drumstick caused Ah Dai to salivate.

"I won't give you the money, however, if you want to be full, then leave with me, I'll let you eat till you are full, additionally, I won't beat you."

Ah Dai lit up immediately, this morning he was dreaming of being taken away like Ya Tou, and his dream is coming true, he carefully asked, "Really, I can really eat till I am full?

The old man nodded, "If you have any other requests you can also tell me, I will try my best to fulfill them. However, you won't be coming back for a very long time, you must think clearly." He didn't want to bring a kid back that would cry everyday, when that time comes, he would kill him and find another kid.

Ah Dai shook his head, "I am willing to leave with you, as long as I can be full, I don't have any other requests."

The old man nodded his head in satisfaction, "You will have to work if you leave with me, are you afraid of hard work?"

"Work? What work?" Ah Dai mumbled.

"As long as it's better than you being a thief, at the very least I won't beat you, no? If you don't understand, I can teach you."

Ah Dai lowered his head, "But... but, I'm really slow, they all say that I am dumb, would I be able to learn?"

The old man impatiently replied, "If I say you can learn, you can learn. Come with me." He turned around and walked towards the exit of the alley.

Ah Dai made a sound of agreement and quickly followed the old man out. A few steps later, the old man suddenly stopped. Ah Dai wasn't paying attention and bumped into his back, "Ouch!" Ah Dai cried out in pain, holding his nose, looking at the old man with incomprehension.

The old man turned his head to ask, "What is your name?"

"I'm called Ah Dai."

The old man teased, "Ah Dai? Your name suits you! Remember, I am Gelisi, an alchemist. From now on, you are my apprentice."

Ah Dai nodded, afraid that he would forget, he chanted, "Die in song, die in song, ...."
TLN: Die in song -- is pronounced Ge Li Si too.

The old man raised his voice, "I am called Gelisi, not die in song, remember it well. Call me Teacher next time."

"Ok, ok, I understand, tea..teacher. But, what is the meaning of teacher?"

Gelisi felt that he has been defeated by this little boy, helplessly explaining, "Teacher, is the person who teaches you things." At that, he turned around and walked out of the alley. Gelisi, this is a name that even the head of the Alchemist Alliance respected, after all, even though he was temperamental, he is still one of the rare Grand Alchemists.

Ah Dai suddenly remembered Uncle Li's reaction after Ya Tou left, he hurriedly caught up with Gelisi, "Teacher, can you please go with me to tell Uncle Li. He has given me mantous all this time, I am leaving, I should say goodbye, otherwise, he will get mad."

Gelisi though about it an nodded, "Sure, lead the way." He initially didn't have to go with Ah Dai, but for his plans, he must make it so that Ah Dai unwaveringly follows him, that was the only reason he agreed to the silly boy's plans.

Ah Dai lead the way ahead, after seven or eight turns, they arrived at the northern part of the city, that worn down house that he has been staying in for more than a year. At this time, most of the kids have been sent out to work by Uncle Li, it wasn't noisy. Gelisi frowned, "This is the place?"

Ah Dai nodded, carefully opening the flimsy door and walking in first.

Uncle Li was drinking from a wine pot in the room, since Ah Dai's skills have improved drastically, his income also increased, he no longer needed to go out to work, and he was just thinking, in a few year, after collecting more money, he will be able to live a comfortable life, maybe bring a woman back to marry, live a good life like a master, don't need to go to that lowly brothel for release. Just as he was drunkenly daydreaming, the door opened, and Ah Dai's skinny figure appeared.

"En? How are you back so quickly, how many fishes did you catch?"

Ah Dai was slightly scared, "Uncle Li, I.. I didn't catch any fishes."

Hearing that Ah Dai didn't accomplish anything, Uncle Li's voice became sharp, his eyes bulging, "No fish? Why are you back if you haven't caught anything? Is your skin tight again?"

Ah Dai shivered, slowly saying, "I... I came back to say goodbye."

Uncle Li was shocked, and jumped down from the bed, "You want to leave? You have eaten my dry rice for such a long time, you want to leave like this, your wings hardened? Is that it?" How could he willingly part with his money tree? He didn't care too much about Ya Tou leaving, even if she stayed, she would have been a waste of money since she can't catch fishes, even sold to the slave trader, she wouldn't have been worth much. But Ah Dai is different, currently more than half his income comes from Ah Dai, he would never let his money tree leave.

Uncle Li tried his best to lower his voice and soften his tone, "Are you hungry again, I'll give you a few mantous, then be good and go catch me some fishes, don't have wrong thoughts, otherwise, humph." He waved his fists, threateningly looking at Ah Dai.

Long periods of threats caused Ah Dai to unconsciously shrink back, getting to eat a mantou, it is also a good thing! He was just wondering what to say when Gelisi's voice rang out, "Otherwise what can you do to him?" Following the sound of footsteps, Gelisi's tall figure appeared next to Ah Dai, in front of him, Uncle Li seemed so indecent and insignificant.

"Who... who are you?" Uncle Li sharply looked at him and asked.

Gelisi lightly said, "You don't need to care who I am, Ah Dai and I are here only to say goodbye, I am taking him away, from today onwards, he is not a thief under you."

Uncle Li felt a sudden chill in his heart, this man whose face is unseen seems to exert an invisible pressure, making it difficult for him to breath. However, profit is the most important, he gathered his courage, "Not possible, you can't take him away, no wonder he wants to leave me, turns out he found a support. Damn it I am going to beat you to death" His fist flew towards Ah Dai's chest.

Ah Dai subconsciously curled up, waiting for the incoming pain, however, after half a day nothing happened. Ah Dai opened his eyes and found that Uncle Li's fists didn't fall on him, instead it was suspended in midair, caught at the wrist by thin hand. Cold sweat streamed down Ah Dai's temples.


Gelisi : actually Ge Li Si, was wondering if I should call him Chris/Griss

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

TKDG 001: A Frigid Town, Part 5

Translated by Star'sWish
To Be Edited by Caz

The Assassins Guild, with the least members, they are also the most secretive association on the Continent, also called the Assassins Band. Although they don't have many members, all of them are extremely skilled. Through underground networks, they accept assassination jobs and collect very high commissions. Information on the organizational structure of the guild is very strictly guarded, there are only two way to join the guild: One, is to pass an exceedingly difficult test. Two, is to complete the challenge set by the guild yearly, as long as they can complete the mission, the guild will accept them. Of course, the mission is much harder than the test, and it might even endanger your life. Because humans scheme and fight for power, this guild that people generally would pale at the mention of, thrives on the Continent.

There is a very clear ranking system for the assassins, in ascending order, Assassins, Dark Assassin, Silent Assassin, and the Annihilator. These assassins are centrally managed by the Assassins Guild, their identities are kept secret, and cannot be known by outsiders. They are not part of any country, nor do they have more than 100 members, however, they are a considerably formidable power. There are scarcely any sorcerers within the guild.

Thieves Guild, plainly speaking, they are a group of high class thieves. To get what they want, some aristocrats will hire the guild's thieves to steal for them. Not just any thief can join the guild, although the requirements are not as strict as the Assassins Guild, but they must also pass a series of stringent tests, and they only accept thieves with inner qualities and skills that are exceptional.

In ascending order, the rankings are, Thief, High Thief, and the Acquirer. Generally, those who hold the esteemed titled of the Acquirer often steal treasures that are worth cities, they are also most feared by the aristocrats. The strictest law in the Thieves Guild, is that they aren't allowed to murder. It is also because of this rule that they aren't being eliminated by the armies of each country. In order to complete their client's request, the Thieves Guild has the fastest and most effective information network. Similar to the Assassins Guild, the Thieves Guild is considered a dark power on the Continent.


Taking out the heavy purse, Ah Dai was filled with happiness. The purse was intricately made of leather, and there was a six-point star sewn onto it in gold thread. Ah Dai had never seen such a beautiful purse before, he hurriedly opened the drawstring, and put his hand in. He was imagining, what if there was an amethyst coin inside, how amazing would it be! He has been working for a year, but to date he has only stolen one amethyst coin, but reminiscing that time, Uncle Li was so happy he gave him a large drumstick, he was the envy of the group. Never again has he eaten such something so tasty. That one time, he shared the thigh with Ya Tou, they even ate the bones. That tastiness, he never gets tired of reminiscing that taste.

As he took out the coins in the purse, he was shocked into stillness. The purse didn't only contain his long-time dream of "drumsticks", it also had more than 10 gold coins , and even a few coins that were brightly sparking, he had never seen those blueish coins before. Looking at the small sparkling pile, it's more than 10 "drumsticks"! "It's enough to feel full, I can finally eat till I am full." Ah Dai ecstatically shouted .

Just as he was overjoyed, the six-point star suddenly glowed, soon after, a raspy old voice sounded in his ears, "You have never been full before?"

Ah Dai jolted, the coins in his hands scattering all over the floor, a voice, where did the voice come from? He looked around him, but there weren't anyone around, "God bless, god bless," Ah Dai placed his palms together and repeated nonstop.

"Did you think that God will protect a thief?' the old voice sounded again. This time Ah Dai clearly heard it, the voice seemed to be coming from that intricate purse.

"Ah---" Ah Dai cried out in alarm, throwing the purse away, his whole body involuntarily shaking. It was his first time encountering such a strange situation, after all he was still a child, the fear clearing showing in his eyes. The snowflakes continued falling, the sky still dim, at that moment, it seemed as though the cotton jacket could no longer provide any warmth, a cold stream rose from the bottom of his heart.

Not too far away, the purse was glowing, that beautiful six-point star giving off a dreamy golden light. Under Ah Dai's terrified gaze, the golden light condense, a blurry figure appearing above the purse. The image slowly got clearer, it was that of the cloaked old man.

A deep strange sound was emitting from underneath the cloak, if Uncle Li was here, he would have noticed that the old man was chanting an incantation. Finally, the figure solidified into a real body, and slowly descended to the ground.

The old man stood by the purse, slowly bent down to pick it up, and sighed, "It has been a long time since I have used this incantation, it has become quite unfamiliar!"

Looking at his fishing target appearing in such a strange situation, even if Ah Dai were sillier, he would still know that something very bad was about to befall him. He never imagined, that he who had yet to fail in four months, under circumstances where he succeeded in catching a large fish, would actually get caught by the owner himself. He curled up into himself, shaking, in his mind, the great catastrophe about to befall him, must be a cruel "beating", this is not the first time this has happened. The last time he was caught, the big man almost broke his hand, if Uncle Li didn't appear in time to scare away the man, he would have lots the ability to fish, and be unable to eat the mantous he so loved.

The old man threw the purse at Ah Dai, lightly saying, "Pick them up and put them in."

"Yes, yes." Ah Dai carefully took the purse, and closely looked at the six-point star on the purse. He couldn't understand how a man could appear from from within the purse? Shakily, he carefully place each coin into the purse, this process went on for a while. The odd thing was, the old man did not hurry him, beneath the cloak, a pair of bright eyes were incessantly measuring Ah Dai.

"Done, done, here, for you." Ah Dai tried his bad to appear lowly, holding the purse up with both hands. Perhaps if he appeared weaker, when he gets beaten later, the other man might use less strength. Ah Dai never thought of fighting back, based on his "weather-beaten" body that has experienced the hardships of life, how could he fight back? Even if the opponent was an old man.

The old man received the purse, he didn't beat him, but he also had no intention of letting Ah Dai go. He stood in from of Ah Dai, looking at the small skinny figure of the child before him.

Ah Dai lowered his head and crouched down, his frozen red hands protecting his head, trying his best to curl up, waiting for the arrival of the storm.

"En, very good hands, long slender fingers, wide palms, no wonder even I didn't notice my things being stolen. You haven't answered my last question, have you?"


 End of Chapter 001

Assassin: stabber/assassin

Dark Assassin: dark/hidden type assassin

Silent Assassin: tolerance/patience, ninja type assassin

Annihilator: wipe-out/exterminate type assassin

Assassin Group vs Assassin Band?

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

TKDG 001: A Frigid Town, Part 4

Translated by Star'sWish
Edited by Caz

Early the next morning, Uncle Li had a surge of mercy, and threw a mantou at Ah Dai. After he ravenously downed the mantou, he was sent out to start another day of fish catching.

The occasional drift of snowflakes down from the heavens gave passerbys a sense of chilliness. Slowly walking along the street, Ah Dai thought, when will another granny appear to take him away! He'll be satisfied so long as he is able to eat mantous till he is full. How is Ya Tou? She left with the old lady, is it true that she has mantous to eat everyday?

While contemplating, Ah Dai suddenly saw someone in odd clothing ahead.  The reason it was odd is because that tall figure was completely shrouded in a large cloak to the point where even his features were not clearly visible. Beneath the cloak, there seemed to be a bulging purse. Ah Dai decided that that man will be his first target of the day. Together with that thought, Ah Dai stealthily followed the man, took out a sharp little razor blade from his belt, and waited for the chance to strike. The reason Ah Dai often succeeded at catching fish had to do with his perseverance, once he decides on a prey, he will follow said target closely until he succeeds.

Following him closely down the street, the man in the cloak walked into a luxurious restaurant that was dazzlingly decorated, even the roof used glazed roof tiles. Ah Dai thought in his heart, to be able to eat here, there much be quite a lot of money in his purse. At that thought, he couldn't help but secretly feel happy, if he can bring more fish back today, Uncle Li might give him enough mantous to be full. He crouched down by a corner of the restaurant's front door, patiently waiting.

"Leave, leave, leave, where did a little beggar come from, move to the side, " the restaurant's doorman kicked Ah Dai, looking at him with revulsion.

Ah Dai had already gotten used to these egotistical doormen, he quickly nodded, bowed, and ran a little further way, finding a dim corner capable of sheltering him from the wind and snow before crouching down again.

Playing with the sharp little razor blade in his hands, Ah Dai patiently waited, not in the least bit anxious, it's just eating, he must come out eventually.

A full hour passed, finally, the cloaked man walked out. Ah Dai was excited because he was walking towards him.

Facing him directly was the best position to strike. He hurriedly stood up, calmed his state of mind, and walked towards that man. The man was very tall, Ah Dai only reached his stomach region. The distance in between them unceasingly shortened, Ah Dai scratched his head of hair with the hand that was holding the blade, right when they were roughly a meter apart, Ah Dai stumbled and bumped into the man.

Ah Dai instantly felt like he had bumped into a metal plate, his whole body in pain. He inadvertently looked up and saw that man's face. He had an old appearance, with uncountable fine wrinkles, he looked around 70 or 80 years old.

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean it," Ah Dai immediately apologized.

The old man humphed, didn't say anything, and continued walking ahead, seemingly unaware that a slit had been sliced open in his cloak, the purse at his waist now missing.

Seeing that the other party would not bother him, Ah Dai happily ran ahead, in a moment of carelessness, he slipped in a snow pile, and fell down sprawling. The areas viciously hit by Uncle Li yesterday were hurt again, causing him to spasm nonstop. Even then, it was hard to overshadow Ah Dai's excitement in his heart, the moment he got the purse, he discovered that the weight was abnormally heavy, even if it were only filled with bronze coins, it would still be enough to meet today's required quota.

Shakily standing up, he quickly ran to an alley, after turning around to make sure that no one was chasing after him, his sighed and patted himself on the chest, sitting down. However, what Ah Dai doesn't know is that his target held one of the Continent's special professions -- an Alchemist.

The most exalted profession is that of the priesthood, however, apart from the priesthood, each country had a few professions that were placed above typical workers, and these professions formed their own associations to become special existences that wielded their own power.

The Mercenary Guild, had the largest number of members. Being a mercenary was a special vocation where they took on certain easy or difficult missions on behalf of their clients. They are rewarded based on the difficulty of the missions, and the Mercenary Guild branches spread across the land were the best places for them to receive missions. Of course, the Mercenary Guild does not provide its services for free, they collect a set fee based on the difficulty of the mission. A group of mercenaries is called a Mercenary Unit. For extremely difficult missions, employers prefer mercenary units with formidable strength and would not hesitate to pay a high price for them.

Mercenaries and Mercenary Units are both divided into six ranks, the lowest rank is the 4th Level mercenaries and mercenary units, from there in ascending order, is the 3rd Level Mercenary, 2nd Level Mercenary, 1st Level Mercenary, Special Mercenary, and the highest ranking Extraordinary Mercenary. Due to the fact that there is a large number of mercenaries and mercenary units, it is extremely difficult to move up a rank. Different ranking mercenaries will be provided with different badges by the Mercenary Guild. In a mercenary group,  those of higher ranks are very well respected by their colleagues from the lower ranks.

The Sorcerer's Institute, sorcerers are professions second only to the priesthood.  Since the cultivation of magic has very high requirements as to a person's inner qualities, sorcerers are scarce. The sorcerers that cultivate Light Magic have almost all been incorporated into the Holy Church, which further showcases the preciousness of a sorcerer. They are usually lavishly paid to join armies, almost all sorcerers of the intermediate rank and above will have an aristocratic titled bestowed upon them by their respective countries. Thus, the vocation of a sorcerer is one that commoners yearn for the most as it is associated with name and power.

Sorcerers are divided into Junior Sorcerers, Intermediate Sorcerers, High Sorcerers, Grand Sorcerers, Principal Sorcerers, and Sage Sorcerers. As a sorcerer's main source of income is an allowance from the country, they will usually visit the Sorcerer's Institute to obtain a badge that is equivalent to their rankings in order to get the corresponding allowance. Of course, they have to go through assessments set by the Sorcerer's Institute. The Sorcerer's Institute is the only association that doesn't require work to be done on its behalf before paying its members.

The Alchemist Alliance, although they do not have many members, they are very well respected in every country. The Alliance branches in each country are generally given incentive money, because weapons refined by alchemists are much better than those created by blacksmiths, and thus are the best to equip a high-ranking army with. The reason Heaven's Gold Empire is renowned is because they have the largest Alchemist Alliance among the four countries.

Alchemists are actually considered a ancillary branch of sorcerers who mainly specialize in Fire Magic. What they are stronger at compared to sorcerers is their knowledge in the various minerals and medicines. Powerful alchemists are able to forge high-level divine weapons, the prices of these divine weapons are unable to be estimated, they are beloved by every country's imperial families, and even more so by the Holy Church. Alchemists are a group whose vocation is secondary in wealth only to the assassins. Alchemists are divided into Novice, Junior Alchemist, Intermediate Alchemist, High Alchemist, Special Alchemist, and Grand Alchemist. Although alchemists have their own set of badges, the higher level alchemists generally don't bother trying to obtain them.


 Too much information. Will introduce
the Assassins Guild and the Thieves Guild
in the next chapter.

Name and power : name stands for both reputation and fame.

Principal Sorcerer : direct translation - Sorcerer Instructor ; in Fairy Tail : Slayer

Sage Sorcerer : direct translation - Sorcerer Professor

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